BMCRC -R3 – Cadwell Park – TBS RACE 1 (A & B)

Thunderbike Sport – Race 1 (Groups A & B)

The weather in Lincolnshire was very changeable. A dry line had formed and 74 – Daniel Singleton headed to the holding area with Super Corsa’s fitted. With the riders waiting to be released, the heavens opened. With a mixture of Wets and Drys the riders looked at each other in disbelief.

With Race 1 underway ,74 – Daniel Singleton applied damage limitation with the bike sliding all over the place; dropping down to 13th.

217 – Aaton Staniforth took the lead with 93 – Jack Wallis in 2nd and 191 – James Seath in 3rd.

As the race progressed, both 74 – Daniel Singleton and the team watched in disbelief as 74 – Daniel Singleton dropped slowly down the order of race but amazingly keeping the bike on the track in the aweful conditions.

With the chequered flag out, 217 – Aaron Staniforth took 1st with 93 – Jack Wallis in 2nd and 54 – Adam Jamison in 3rd. 74 – Daniel Singleton finished 22nd.

217 – Aaron Staniforth set the fastest lap on lap 8 with a time of 1:49.154.

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