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ACU Press Release – BMCRC Back

Its been 5 months and above all a long wait due to COVID-19; however BMCRC (Bemsee) eventually returned to racing at Cadwell Park.

A large number of spectators attended the event whilst enjoying the fabulous Lincolnshire weather.

All Bemsee classes participated alongside the Molson Group British Sidecar Championship. in conclusion, providing an awesome weekend, filled with great racing.

Press Release from ACUBemsee’s back as racing returns.

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BMCRC R2 – Cadwell Park – TBS RACE 1

Thunderbike Sport – Race 1

With the lights ready to change, 82 – Foo Hinnells was on Row 5, P14.

With Race 1 underway, 82 – Foo Hinnells had a great start and was in P10 after lap 1. 217 – Aaron Staniforth took the lead, with 36 – Jamie Coward in 2nd place and 961 – Jack Sim in 3rd.

After lap 2, 36 – Jamie Coward had taken the lead over 217 – Aaron Staniforth now in 2nd place. 961 – Jack Sim remained in 3rd.

36 – Jamie Coward continued to dominate the race with 217 – Aaron Staniforth only a few seconds behind in 2nd place. The gap to 961 – Jack Sim in 3rd was increasing. After lap 4 – 82 – Foo Hinnells remained in 10th place.

After lap 5, there was no change in the top 3 and 82 – Foo Hinnells had dropped 1 place to 11th.

During the final lap saw 217 – Aaron Staniforth crash out allowing 961 – Jack Sim to claim 2nd place with 14 – Chris Burrage in 3rd.

82 – Foo Hinnells passed the chequered flag in 10th with a big smile on his face.

Great to see the big man back!!!!

BMCRC R2 – Cadwell Park – TBS Qualifying

Thunderbike Sport – Qualifying at Cadwell Park

36 – Jamie Coward qualified P1 with a best time of 1:37.083. 217 – Aaron Staniforth is in P2 with 1:38.011 and 12 – Cedric Bloch in P3 with a 1:39.128.

82 – Foo Hinnells qualified 14th with a time of 1:43.915

Roll on Race 1!

Ready for Cadwell Park – BMCRC R2

#82 – Foo Hinnell’s ready and waiting for Practice Day

BMCRC restarts the Season at Cadwell Park with what should have been Round 7. Due to COVID-19 the ACU suspended all racing and 5 Rounds subsequently cancelled.

Due to restrictions this only saw Ian and Foo travelling to Lincolnshire. This left the remainder of the team at their homes either with specific roles to remotely play or to follow via TSL-Timing.

Practice went well despite the unpleasant high temperatures.

We’re pleased with the performance of the Continental Race Attack Comp tyres that we are running this year; and hopefully next year. With only a few ‘slides’ but we expected this due to the extremely high track temperature. Tyre pressures were experimented with adjustments accordingly.

Foo was happy with the bike set-up of the Team CBR #2 and with a set of fresh tyre’s for the morning roll on qualifying.

Ready for Qualifying – BMCRC (Bemsee) – Cadwell Park Round 2

#82 – Foo Hinnells Rides #2 CBR600

2 days til we resume the 2020 season at Cadwell Park.

Foo Hinnells Racing – #82 shall be flying the BD Racing UK flag riding the Teams #2 CBR600 prepped by Ian Soilleux in the Thunderbike Sport class. Its been a year since Foo Hinnells Racing – #82 first raced this awesome machine; and relit the fire in his belly.

Thunderbike Sports Points Table After Round 3

It was an eventful round for 74 – Daniel Singleton but he still leads the championship, albeit with a smaller cushion gap of points.

74 – Daniel Singleton walks away with 150 points still leading in the 2019 Championship.

666 – Shane Beasley regains second place with 135 points, pushing 961 – Jack Sim down to third with 126 points.


3 rounds over and 26 – Glynn Davies increases the gap on the lead on the championship.

74 – Daniel Singleton walks away with 111 points and remains in 5th place in the 2019 Championship.

26 – Glynn Davies extends his lead with 231 Points, with 78 – Keith Povah in second with 179 points. 9 – Mark Taylor moves up a place into 3rd with 136 points with 184 – David Twyford down to forth with 116 points.


Thunderbike Sport – Race 3 (Groups A & C)

With Race 6 underway ,74 – Daniel Singleton took an early lead after starting on pole, with 961 – Jack Sim in 2nd place and 135 – Daniel Ingham in 3rd.

After lap 2, 74 – Daniel Singleton increased the gap with 135 – Daniel Ingham moving up to 2nd and 961 – Jack Sim now in 3rd.

For the rest of the race, 74 – Daniel Singleton led with determination, taking the chequered flag 14.454 seconds ahead of 135 – Daniel Ingham with 961 – Jack Sim taking 3rd.

74 – Daniel Singleton set the fastest lap on lap 4 with a time of 1:39.435.

A good result at the end of the day after an ‘odd’ weekend.


MRO Minitwin – Race 4

Last MRO Minitwin race at Cadwell Park and at the end of lap 1 saw 26 – Glynn Davies take the lead. 74 – Daniel Singleton was in 2nd with 78 – Keith Povah in 3rd.

Lap 2 saw no change to the first 3 places.

After lap 3, 26 – Glynn Davies remained in the lead. 78 – Keith Povah moved in to 2nd and 74 – Daniel Singleton in 3rd.

26 – Glynn Davies took the chequered flag, with 78 – Keith Povah in 2nd and 74 – Daniel Singleton in 3rd place.

26 – Glynn Davies set the fastest lap with 1:39.847 on lap 2.


Thunderbike Sport – Race 5 (Groups B & C)

With 74 – Daniel Singleton in Group A, the battle for points continued between groups B and C.

217 – Aaron Staniforth reaped the rewards finishing 1st, with 666 – Shane Beasley in 2nd and 148 – Richie Welsh in 3rd.

217 – Aaron Staniforth set the fastest lap on lap 4 with a time of 1:39.964.