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Thunderbike Sports Points Table After Round 2

It was a successful round for 74 – Daniel Singleton with him dominating both races in the Thunderbike Sports.

74 – Daniel Singleton walks away with 125 points after two 1st places ensuring the he takes lead in the 2019 Championship.

961 – Jack Sim moves up to second with 94 points; with 666 – Shane Beasley in third with 83 points.

BMCRC -R2 – Oulton Park – TBS RACE 2

Thunderbike Sport – Race 2

With the last race of the day underway ,74 – Daniel Singleton took another early lead with 961 – Jack Sim close on his rear tyre. Rookie 464 – Luke Stoneman was holding his own in 3rd with 666 – Shane Beasley in 4th place.

After lap 2, 961 – Jack Sim took the lead and pushed 74 – Daniel Singleton into 2nd place. Rookie 464 – Luke Stoneman remained in 3rd place with 666 – Shane Beasley in 4th.

74 – Daniel Singleton claimed the lead back after lap 3. Rookie 464 – Luke Stoneman also passed 961 – Jack Sim moving up into 2nd place.

74 – Daniel Singleton continued to lead with the 3 riders battling for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

After lap 6 the leading 4 riders starting lapping the slower riders, allowing gaps to form being caught in traffic.

With the chequered flag out 74 – Daniel Singleton took the comfortable win, with 666 – Shane Beasley 10.368 seconds behind in 2nd. 464 – Rookie Luke Stoneman finished 3rd. 961 – Jack Sim finished 4th.

74 – Daniel Singleton set another fastest lap on lap 7 with a time of 1:50.844.

BMCRC -R2 – Oulton Park – Minitwin Race 2

MRO Minitwin – Race 2

Further to the problems during Race 1, it was identified that the issue forcing 74 – Daniel Singleton‘s early retirement was a broken down rear coil pack.

Being a member of the Bemsee, the friendliest paddock in club racing; a replacement coil pack was found and fitted. Many thanks to Faith Fueled Racing.

74 – Daniel Singleton now had his work cut out, starting at the back of the grid.

With Race 2 underway 78 – Keith Povah took the lead from starting on pole with 26 – Glynn Davies in 2nd and 184 – David Twyford in 3rd.

After the 1st lap 74 – Daniel Singleton was already in 6th place after an awesome start.

After lap 2, 26 – Glynn Davies remained in the lead followed by 78 – Keith Povah in 2nd with 74 – Daniel Singleton, after moving up to 3rd place hot on his heels.

After lap 3 – 74 – Daniel Singleton had taken the lead and it looked like his determination had paid off. 26 – Glynn Davies was now in 2nd place with 78 – Keith Povah in 3rd and 184 – David Twyford in 4th.

For the next 5 laps, 74 – Daniel Singleton held onto the lead with a battle for 2nd place between 26 – Glynn Davies and 78 – Keith Povah providing seat of the pants racing.

The first 3 riders created a gap of 13.459 seconds in front of 9 – Mark Taylor in 4th place, with 74 – Daniel Singleton taking the chequered flag.

78 – Keith Povah came in 2nd, with 26 – Glynn Davies in 3rd.

74 – Daniel Singleton set the fastest lap with a 1:50.240 during lap 7.

74 – Daniel Singleton said “I fought my very hardest and got a brilliant start battling my way to the front by lap 3 and eventually taking the win. I am obscenely proud about this and think I may have even surprised myself!

BMCRC -R2 – Oulton Park – TBS RACE 1

Thunderbike Sport – Race 1

With Race 1 underway ,74 – Daniel Singleton took an early lead with Rookie 464 – Luke Stoneman in 2nd and 54 – Adam Jamison in 3rd place.

74 – Daniel Singleton continued to dominate the race; extending his lead with every lap. 464 – Luke Stoneman remained in 2nd place with 54 – Adam Jamison in 3rd. 666 – Shane Beasley and 961 – Jack Sim battled for 4th place.

With the chequered flag out 74 – Daniel Singleton took the comfortable win, with Rookie 464 – Luke Stoneman 18.073 seconds behind in 2nd. 54 – Adam Jamison finished 3rd.

74 – Daniel Singleton set the fastest lap on lap 5 with a time of 1:48.409.

What a result!!!!

BMCRC -R2 – Oulton Park – Minitwin Race 1

MRO Minitwin – Race 1

74 – Daniel Singleton accumulated 41 points after the Brands Hatch Indy (Round 1) and is currently in 5th place with 26 – Glynn Davies currently leading the championship with 95 points.

This is the first time back at Oulton Park for 74 – Daniel Singleton since 2016 during his rookie year. Not only is it a beautiful part of England, it is also an awesome track.

With the race underway, things didn’t start well for 74 – Daniel Singleton. During lap 1 74 – Daniel Singleton had to retire due to a mechanical issue. Not what was needed after the 2 DNF’s at Brands but “thats racing” as they say.

26 – Glynn Davies went on to win after taking the lead from 184 – David Twyford who had lead the race until the last lap.

184 – David Twyford finished 2nd, with 78 – Keith Povah in 3rd. 9 – Mark Taylor claimed 13 points finishing 4th.

78 – Keith Povah set the fastest lap with 1.51.824 on lap 5.

Roll on Race 2 but as 74 – Daniel Singleton failed to complete 1 lap he shall have to start from the back of the Grid and work his way through after the bike is looked at.

BMCRC – R2 – Oulton Park – Minitwin Qualifying

MRO Minitwin – Qualifying

After the first round at Brands Hatch Indy, it is off to Cheshire for Round 2. The weather is bright and dry.

74 – Daniel Singleton qualified P4 with a best time of 1:52.597. 78 – Keith Povah gained pole with a best time of 1:52.288, 26 – Glynn Davies in P2 with a best time of 1:52.438 and 184 – David Twyford in P3 with a 1:52.448.

Roll on Race 1!