Eddie Allen

Eddie Allen

Pit Crew

Eddie certainly is the ‘character’ of the team.

We first met Eddie in 2016 when he was logistics and pit crew for Dan Singleton; who won the Rookie Minitwin Championship in 2016 and subsequently the MRO Minitwin Championship in 2018.

Eddie joined BD Racing in 2019 and continued to support Dan in achieving winning the MRO Thunderbike Sport Championship and 3rd in the Minitwin Class

Eddie is well liked in the Paddock, Pits and Pit Lane and is often found during the day with a cup of Tea stuck to his hand when not:

  • Changing wheels and tyres,
  • De-glazing brake pads,
  • Re-fuelling the bike or,
  • Waving a pit board at the team rider

However, in the evening Eddie is usually found relaxing with a can of Fosters or in the bar with the other teams, networking.


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